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Joyous Planet Summer Science Camp

We are obsessed about Science, Technology.


Joyous Planet Indoor playground & party


Registration for 2020 is now open. To register click on the Register Online button at the end of this page. Payment will be by Email transfer (joyouswoodbridge@gmail.com) or Pay at indoor playground now.

Camp Costs

Weekly Rate = $275 + tax
If you register 2 or more siblings for the camp then a 10% discount can be selected for the Second & Third child during registration.

Summer Camp Hours

Camps will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with extended hours available.

Play Time

Kids get downtime in our indoor playground at the assigned time of the day


Please pack lunch plus enough snacks for the 2 snack breaks. Please also provide water/ juice to quench their thirst.
Note: This is a nut free, egg free, gluten free location

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the first day of camp by call or email. An admin fee of $25 will apply for each week and each child cancelled.

Camp Descriptions

The Summer Camp offered mainly focusses on science covering biology, chemistry and physics experiments mainly catered for kids aged 4-12 years in a small group (5 kids) conducted in a safe environment. The experiments are conducted using safe household items and kids want to imitate at Joyous Planet is totally safe and fun. To keep up their spirits, experiments conducted will be combined with fun activities as well. An overview of the experiments conducted on a weekly basis is as follows:

Week 1 ( August 4 ~7) Organic farming/ Gardening/ Care/ Maintenance

Take home message: We go back to civilization and learn organic farming using natures products and or organic fertilizers. It is very important to teach kids about making their own vegetable garden to meet the crisis of tomorrow. Get kids to ask Curious questions like What and How through experiments: Osmosis, Capillary action, Soil Bacteria

Week 2 (August 10~14) Bacteria Handprints

Take home message: This is one of the high demand experiment which teaches kids importance of cleanliness, hand wash as they see the real bacteria on their hands in bacteria growing plates. This is an absolutely fun week with emphasis on why and how to keep you from contagious diseases

Week 3 ( (August 17~21) ) Saving the planet

Take home message: Little drops of water makes mighty ocean (Save water), Save air and trees, 3 R’s to save the planet. Kids learn about interactions of nature, ecosystem and science behind How are Clouds, rain formed and what happens through hands on experiments

Week 4 (Aug 24- 28) Science in Action

– Monster Ash 

Take home message: What is a catalyst, What happens when 2 chemicals are mixed together and the reaction behind the monster ash

– Rainbow experiment 

 Take home message: How to make rainbow water, what happens when we mix solutes

– Volcano formation 

Take home message: Volcano at home teaches chemical reactions and what causes the reaction between 2 chemicals

We wind up our camp doing fun science using kids imaginations and welcome school messages. 

Last day of the camp gives an opportunity for parent-teacher-kids interactive session. 

Register Now

CALL: 905-856-7529

Rainbow Water Experiment
Rainbow Water Experiment
Bacteria Hand print
Bacteria Hand print

About the Mentor

Veena P Sivaramakrishnan

A life science professional (Biotechnologist) with 10+ years of corporate experience in India, Singapore and Canada.


A mom of 2 young beautiful kids who enjoys spending time & developing them with the right cultural values of the Canadian society.


Nurtures science in my heart and in my small space at home with my beautiful family


What Drives Veena?


Nature and evolution have fascinated me from childhood along with my curiosity for things around me prompts me to always ask “What, Why, How” which I believe is the Science in Me has taught me over the years


Additional information about Veena?


Secretary at Plowman’s Public-School Council, providing recommendations on education, promote parent-teacher communications, fund raising ideas and much more.


Certified volunteer at Heart House Hospice (HHH) to create awareness to the public by setting up booths and presentations in community centers.


Hobbies: Music and Nature