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Summer Camp
(Robotics + Coding)

A different robotic learning topic every week Build unlimited creativity for children with LEGO

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RoboEdu Robotic Creation Camp

RoboEdu instructors encourage children to learn mechanical knowledge. Each day, campers will build a project, use motors, remotes, and sensors to control their projects and learn how to use Jr. Scratch, a coding program, to develop their own coding skills.

$375 + tax / week

10:00am - 3:30pm

All materials included

Age group 4-8

(medical personnal 10% OFF)

Theme: Chocolate Factory

Week 1 (Aug 3-7)
Morning Section: Robotics Building (one hour)
From collecting and transferring cocos to make and sell chocolates, we guide students playing with robotics by using logical and spatial thinking skills. Building projects with a different mechanical principle and then creating a program to make this project move.
Afternoon Section: Coding with Scratch Junior (45mins)
we guide children to create animations and games with learning analysis, math, problem solving and creativity skills. Kids will use the wording of the tasks to break down what they need to do.

Theme: Smart City

Week 2(Aug 10-14)
Morning Section: Robotics Building
Smart cities leverage technology to serve people. We lead children to understand the creation of a smart city by building smart projects. Children will make projects each day by using motors and gears to learn logical thinking skills.


Afternoon Section:Coding with Scratch Junior (45mins)
Breakdown the steps needed to solve a simple problem into precise sequences instructions.

Theme: Little Inventor

Week 3(Aug 16-21)
Morning Section: Robotics Building
we engage children to invent some lovely stuff they like such as helicopters, Turbine suspension bridge and CD player. Every project can move by using motors and gears.
Afternoon Section: Coding with Scratch Junior (45mins)
Students learn how to troubleshoot and make their programs more efficient or better with loops.

Theme: Enjoy your life

Week 4(Aug 24-28)
Morning Section: Robotics Building
Due to Covid-19, the period we stay at home is much longer than before. We teach children to make interesting projects by using motors and gears. They can also have fun indoors.
Afternoon Section: Coding with Scratch Junior (45mins)
Children will create different animations and games. Also, children will be challenged to create their own project surrounding the theme of the chapter.

Excellent students will participate in Joyous Planet anniversary store celebration special activities

About RoboEDU

RoboEDU aims to inspire and encourage learning in the STEM fields by bringing together like-minded students, teachers, and mentors who are passionate about technology. We guide our students to be free-thinking designers and builders with strong skills in coding, communication, and teamwork.
Our instructors are young professionals with STEM background, mostly graduated from Top Universities with Master/Ph.D. degree. Instructors for the pre-school group are professional Early Childhood Educator. All of our robotics instructors have certified by CMU robotics academy.
RoboEDU’s after-school programs include a full range of unique and comprehensive robotics curriculum. In addition, we offer Robotics Clubs, Advanced Coding Programs, 3D printing, AIComputer Vision, Leadership Training that is aimed at building creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.

A child’s early years are when they develop the foundations of their individuality and character.Kids learn essential life skills through creative play, exploration and hands-on experiences.
RoboEdu instructors as mentors engage children to learn and create mechanical knowledge.
Each day, campers will build a project, use motors, remote, sensors to control their projects, and learn how to use Jr. Scratch to develop their own games & animations.

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