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Indoor Playground Safety Features Checklist

Indoor Playground Safety Features ChecklistIndoor Playground Safety Features Checklist

An accident on a playground can turn a good moment into a sad one instantly. In order not to ruin the fun, and attain all these sweet offers of an indoor playground, it’s important to safety measures in place. The kids’ playground should be safe with no faulty equipment, irregular surfaces, or unsafe behavior. Below are some safety features you should look for in your indoor playground.


Make Sure the Playground is Not Congested.

Years back, indoor playgrounds are not large enough. However, it is crucial today for indoor playgrounds to have large areas and space to contain the equipment and the children without bumping into each other. Ensure you have much space surrounding each equipment on the playground. Also, look for any potential hazards in the area, dangerous surfaces, a piece of rusty equipment, and others.


Consider the Age of the Children on Your Playground.

Why would you let a toddler use the same equipment as that of five (5) years old+ kid. Age-appropriate play spaces and equipment are important. Ensure to separate and maintain play areas for the children under the age of 5. Some of them are just learning to walk; the play area should be a smooth and easy surface to walk on. If a child can’t sit up without support, a swing is a bad idea.


Teach Kids about Playground Safety

Another critical part of playground safety is to teach the kids how to be safe and act responsibly at the playground. By teaching them about safety, they will understand that pushing another kid is not good. They will learn about the proper way of sitting on a swing to avoid falls. No pushing! No shoving! Wait for your turn!


Adequate Monitoring is Key

Even after putting the necessary precautions in place, there’s still a need for timely monitoring. Ensure a playground where all adults can clearly see kids while they’re playing on all the equipment. Always keep your eyes on them. After all, they’re just kids and can’t always be sure of distance or dangerous situations.


There you have it! Safety measures in any indoor playground are essential. The indoor playground and the available equipment and facilities offer kids loads of fun and exciting experiences. Careful observation of the above safety tips ensures all the kids enjoy their time out safely, with no slight injury.


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