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How Playing With Other Children Helps Your Kid’s Development

How Playing With Other Children Helps Your Kid’s DevelopmentHow Playing With Other Children Helps Your Kid’s Development

Some people think playing is only fun. However, according to studies, playing is not only fun but an avenue to learn, especially for children. At Joyous Planet, we believe that it is essential for children’s growth and development. When children play with each other, they develop healthy habits and their learning process. Let’s take a look at how playing with other children can help your kid’s development.


Health Benefits

Yes!  Playing can benefit children’s health in a lot of ways, both physically and mentally. Physical activities like running, skipping, cycling, and other related activities are beneficial to the body in maintaining stamina, balance, and agility. When children do all these activities together, they tend to develop good physical fitness and maintain a healthy life.


Social Competence and Empathy

Pretend play is known to improve social competence and empathy in children. When children play together, they start developing a social life, skills, and social interaction. They begin to learn to cooperate, follow rules, develop feelings, self-control, and getting along with their environment. Playing can do so much in kids’ development, making them happier, understanding, and sharpening their social skills.

Communication and Language Learning

Have you seen your child say something new to you? You aren’t sure you’ve said something like that to their ears, but here they are saying it. Chances are the children must have learned it while playing together. Children learn by listening to each other when they play. By playing together, their vocabulary skills start developing, they learn to speak, and what to then say as a response.


Emotional and Behavioral Benefits

Playing had been known to reduce anxiety and stress in children. It boosts their joy and self-esteem. This is why a child crying might derive joy if they’re allowed to play with their friends. They also gain emotionally by developing flexibility when it comes to emotion and understanding life’s challenges even at their tender age.

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